Sunday, November 06, 2005

What She Must

Not yet ready for transition,
She struggles to bide here yet a while longer.
What will she do with the extra time?
What must she finish? What must she learn?
What must we learn from her?
Courage? She has that in abundance.
The impermanence of all things?

That is there to see in everything around us.
She will know when the time is right.
Grant us the courage and understanding
To accept her knowledge
And the ability to help her
Do whatever she must.


FM said...

wow another poet on the blogger.

Keep bloggin! :)

with regards

kathy said...


Darlene said...

I just had a wild idea... "She" could be a bud, waiting to open up, or a butterfly, not yet ready to break free from its cocoon.

Nina said...

This is what my heart is saying about my grandma right now. I know it is true, and I need that courage. She is the one with knowledge.

defiant goddess said...


Zareba said...

Thanks FM. You also..

Zareba said...

Thanks Nobody.

I appreciate...

Zareba said...

Hi Darelene:

AS above, so below. There is a rhythm in living and dying that applies across the board.

I, personally hope to shed my caterpillar self and soar on the winds someday.

Zareba said...

Dearest (((((Nanina))))):

Follow your heart, the couurage will be there when you need it. Trust.


Zareba said...

Thanks you Goddess.

I appreciate