Friday, November 04, 2005

Old Moze - Bizarre

Crazy old black piano man
Hiding behind the woolen scarves
And hats of yesteryear,
Playing the bogeyman for all to see.

But what are you hiding with the crazy show?
What do you protect from prying eyes?
Do you ridicule yourself or the rest of us?

While we are laughing at you,
Or frightened by your antics,
Are you laughing behind the mask
You made so long ago?

What happened to you that makes
The mask so necessary?
Would you let someone look behind it?

Or would you run in fear of discovery?

Shall we find out?


Anonymous said...

Great poem. Reminds me of "We Wear the Mask" by Paul Dunbar a bit. Sometimes our masks are not intentionally put on- but they are so hard to take off...


Zareba said...

Thanks, Anonymous.Our society makes wearing a mask prudent. It also expects the mask so much that open honesty is a more perfect mask than any other. They simply don't believe what they see. It brings to mind Lady Godiva....And Dr. Hook... She sure picked the perfect place to hide.