Saturday, August 09, 2008

Many Small Miracles

add up to one really big one. Often the small miracles go unnoticed until they collect into that huge one. Even then, the nature of the event can be misinterpreted.

When we desire something so strongly, we attract events to ourselves that aid in achieving our desire. I believe that desires that benefit only ourselves or are harmful to others will not attract the small miracles that lead to the achievement of those desires. They will, in fact attract negative events into our lives. The Law of Attraction states that if we do good, we attract good. The opposite also holds true.

When more than one person desires the same thing, the results can be magical. We often call it Refrigerator Magic because we put a picture of our desired result on the fridge and think about is briefly whenever we open the door. When we leave the refrigerator and continue with our daily routine, we in effect, send our desire out into the ether where it is free to attract what we need to realize our desire. This is a form of petitioning the Creator as we picture our desire being an accomplished fact, then let it go as if mailing it. This happened most recently in my life last month .

Almost ten years ago, I met two wonderful women on line, Over the years, we three became very close friends. When I was in hospital intensive care in April, 2006, Many people, both on line friends and in person friends sent prayers and healing thoughts which helped a great deal and I appreciate every one of them. But these two went a great deal farther. Every day that I was in hospital, they did everything in their power and more to ensure that I would come out again. I owe them a very great deal.

We had often discussed our desire to meet, but so much stood in the way that none of us really expected it to happen. The events of April 2006 proved to be the catalyst that brought our desire to a heightened level. We began to practice Refrigerator Magic with a vengeance. When they reached out to help me in hospital, the picture I saw in my coma was of a white iron table and three chairs, with the three of us sitting around it, them telling me that I could do this and that they would help me. Later, when I shared that event with them, they realized that they had succeeded. One had the strength and the other had the training. My Florida friend provided the image that I saw because she knew it was a familiar image. There was a real place quite similar that we had discussed sitting together over coffee and talk and talk.

In July of 2006, my Quebec friend traveled to Nova Scotia and we celebrated our birthdays together. We had come to know each other so well that it was a reunion, not a first meeting. It was wonderful. The only fly in the ointment was that our friend in Florida was not with us in person. There appeared to be no way that our dream of all being together could be realized, but we continued to wish with all our hearts that it could happen. In 2007, no meting was possible but ……

In July this year, WE DID IT! We all met in Quebec and it was even more wonderful than we could have imagined/ Our time together was short, but we had already become so close over the years that we did not need time to get to know each other’s hearts. We simply reveled in each other’s company.

Many small miracles had to happen in each of our lives for our dream to be realized. Here is what happened in my life to make our meeting possible.

It had been many years since I asked the Creator for anything more than strength and wisdom for myself. I believe that if we live our lives to the best of our ability, we will be granted what we need to do so. Often it takes little miracles that we don’t even notice in our everyday lives but I have always had a roof over my head, clothes on my back and food on the table, not always in a manner I would have chosen, often at the eleventh hour. but my faith has become strong because of it. Wonderful things have happened too, and I am eternally grateful for all of my life.
After again passing through the mist and being allowed to return in April 2006, I doubt that I will be allowed to do so again. There is not a great deal that I desire from life but I did petition the Creator for four things.

1) An electric scooter to allow me to move around freely without someone having to push me in a wheelchair or sitting and waiting while others did what I can no longer do. Last fall, after a year long battle, I received approval from my group insurance company for a far superior scooter than I had asked for. The scooter arrived last fall, but I was not able to make full use of it until this summer.

2) A dependable vehicle to carry the scooter without having to disassemble it then reassemble when we reach our destination. reassemble it when we got where we were going. That is important to me as I do not want anyone else to have to lift the parts in and out of the trunk of the car. I could not bring myself to expect that whenever I wanted to go somewhere. When Revenue Canada’s collection department phoned me about an outstanding balance, they ended up pointing out that I had claimed a particular deduction up to 1992 but had not continued. They gave me the information as to who to contact to request a review of my file from 1993 to 2006. Ultimately, they reassessed the years of 2004 to 2006 and the refund was sufficient to purchase a used minivan and recondition it completely.

3) To see my birth sister who ended an almost thirty year estrangement (her choice) while I was in hospital. My daughter had telephoned her. and my sister explained that she had wanted to re-approach for a long time but was afraid that I would not accept her back. The decision was always hers, but she did not realize it. We re-approached by telephone and then kept in touch weekly by instant messenger. I could not truly believe she would not disappear again until I received a box of Christmas gifts, wrapped and decorated with tree ornaments like we always used to do. I sat and cried tears of relief and joy that my baby sister was once again in my life. I did not see any way that I could see her since she was in Ontario and I in Nova Scotia. In February, I answered a knock on my door and she was standing there. As I hugged her, tears of joy flowed freely once again. She and my daughter had conspired for her to take a long weekend and fly down. My daughter picked her up at the airport and brought her home to me. We had only the weekend, but what a wonderful weekend it was. We can not go back and recapture lost years, but we can pick up in the present and go forward again.

4) To see my chosen sisters, the one in Quebec again, and the one in Florida for the first time. My friend in Quebec was house hunting and when she found one she wanted, we all posted pictures of it on our refrigerators. She got the house. While looking for furniture, she found a white iron table and three chairs just like I saw in my coma. When she sent pictures, we immediately put them up on the fridge and started visualizing ourselves sitting in them, around the table. With having the dependable minivan and my doctor’s approval, we were all set to go, but no money for gas. Revenue Canada to the rescue again. They sent me a refund for 2007 that was just what we needed to fund our trip. All of my birthday presents were cash and given before the trip. Gas prices also dropped the day after we began our trip. My friend in Florida arranged to meet us at the new home of my friend in Quebec. My daughter volunteered to house sit with our birds for the week and my young neighbor said she would help with the birds. The weather stayed cool and damp, just what I needed for my COPD. My partner cheerfully purchased and refurbished the minivan, did all the driving, played chef and did so much more make the trip a wonderful and memorable one. It was a perfect week.

I had no reason to suspect that any of these events would happen, and if I had not desired the results so strongly, I probably would not have recognized these little miracles for what they were. These and the ones in my chosen sister’s lives added up to one huge, wonderful miracle for all of us.

When our desires are strong and benefit others as well as ourselves, great magic can be performed in our lives. If we are unaware, opportunities go unrecognized. This applies equally to finding and following our individual path in life. We attract what is needed to further our growth, but if we do not see these opportunities, we can not utilize them.