Friday, July 03, 2009

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, a ladder we climb each day.
As your foot leaves the yesterday rung, it dissolves into mist. As your foot lands on today, it solidifies under you. As you reach for tomorrow, today becomes yesterday, disappearing into the mist just as tomorrow becomes today, revealing another rung just up from the one on which you are standing. Thus, you have only the platform of today on which to stand.
All the yesterdays have gone to form the platform of your life as it is today. The wisdom you have gained is now needed to balance that platform, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pillars. You take what you need from your past experiences and the wisdom you have gained and use it to adjust those pillars in order to provide a level platform on which to stand. This is a never ending adjustment process because life is not static. As each today becomes yesterday, we gain a little more understanding to guide us in the delicate process. Yesterday has done it's job and can not be altered.
As we reach for tomorrow, we do so standing on the platform of today. If it is out of balance, our upward reach will be clumsy and fraught with the danger of slipping off the platform. Once we have achieved a relatively stable platform, we can reach for tomorrow with confidence, and release our grip on the rung of today as it begins to dissolve into the mist of the past.
Any attempt to step back from the brink of tomorrow results in having us clinging to the ladder with all our might, unable to move forward or backward. Fear has entered our lives, fear of losing what we may already have, fear of the unknown future, fear of making an error in judgment, fear of .....................
To walk this path takes incredible courage, to do so well takes incredible wisdom.
I wish you both