Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inside Out

The tears roll down my face.
They don’t have my permission.
Outside, my pain is written
In the water on my cheeks.
Outside, my body reflects
The state of the outer me.
The ocean of life cradles my soul,
Deep where no one can see.
Inside, the blows are cushioned
By a sea of tranquility.
Inside, my soul reflects
The state of the inner me.
So if you see me crying,
If you think you see despair
Don’t let concern for the outside
Blind your eyes to the inner life.
Remember that reflections
Are not cast from
The inside out.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Lonely Seeker

Traveling along my own path, I look to the left and the right, seeking a glimpse of others traveling their paths near my own. The loneliness at times is palpable, and the need to see a friendly face, struggling along as I am, is an ache in my soul. There are familiar faces which I have glimpsed in the past and even conversed with occasionally, but none are in sight now.

Suddenly, I see arms and legs flailing in the air. A familiar traveling companion on a nearby path, having tripped over a snag, thrashes around like a tortoise on it's back. I recall my own stumbles and falls, and my heart goes out to this fellow traveler. I reach across, but I can not quite make contact. Knowing the loneliness that afflicts all seekers, I settle down and wait, offering reassurance that the only constant in this life is "Change", sharing my own experiences in the hope that such sharing will give some comfort, some faith that "this too will pass".

As I sit offering companionship in silence, I see my traveling companion slowly stop struggling, and begin to gather strength. His struggle is reflected in the lines upon his face and the bruises on his heart. But slowly, I see hope begin to transform his face, and a subtle glow emanate from his form. As his struggling stills, he begins to see his path, his purpose, again. Strength flows from the Creator into his heart, healing the terrible wounds he suffered while fighting to rise up and trudge forward on his own.

Rising up, he turns to acknowledge my presence and begins to offer thanks, I must stop him and remind him that he has done the same for many, and no thanks are needed. The peace and confidence that suffuses his face is thanks enough, the knowledge that he will continue to offer a helping hand as the Creator has helped him renews my confidence.

As I stand, ready to take up my own Journey once again, I smile. The companionship I wished for stands so near, just out of reach but close enough!