Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inside Out

The tears roll down my face.
They don’t have my permission.
Outside, my pain is written
In the water on my cheeks.
Outside, my body reflects
The state of the outer me.
The ocean of life cradles my soul,
Deep where no one can see.
Inside, the blows are cushioned
By a sea of tranquility.
Inside, my soul reflects
The state of the inner me.
So if you see me crying,
If you think you see despair
Don’t let concern for the outside
Blind your eyes to the inner life.
Remember that reflections
Are not cast from
The inside out.


Swami Nathan M said...

Beautiful blog... just discovered it and found it absolutely riveting...

swaminathan m

Margie said...

This poem is so beautiful and made my heart smile!

Thank you Z!

With love....


Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Zareba,

Your words reflect a beautiful and loving Soul with profundity throughout.

Thank you for sharing this marvelous piece of yourself.

Zareba said...

Thank you all for visiting and for understanding what is in my heart.