Sunday, November 29, 2009

This is for you, Heather

You never know when even the smallest kindness brightens another's day, or even restores their faith in human kindness. If we try each day to do even the smallest good thing, we could change the world.
I have again taken a hospital vacation. The local hospital staff know me well and treat me even better. The monotonous routine becomes boring quickly, with a lot of empty hours. In order to fill some of those hours and reduce the load on the already over-burdened nursing staff, I do as much of my own care as I can. It often takes me all morning to do my “washing up” but it does fill in the time and makes me feel useful.

About half way through my stay, my nurse of the day walked into my room and asked me if I would like a shower. Would I ever!!! She came back and collected me with a white PVC pipe minimalist chair with wheels. I sat down and held my feet yo, not quite knowing what to expect. We sped down the hall, around the corner and into a small room with a water proof floor and walls. All the shower fixtures were on one side of the room, and on the other side was a shelving unit with every product you can wish for.

My nurse donned a pair of rubber boots with white fish all over them, and proceeded to help me shower and wash my hair without getting my Trach at all wet. After turning the taps off, she helped me dry off, put on a robe and wrapped my hair in a towel. Then it was back in the shower chair and down the hall to my room. I put on clean everything, dried and combed my hair and had a nice nap.

I felt so much better about life, the universe and everything. I doubt that she knows what a great gift she gave me that day. I will not forget.