Thursday, November 03, 2005


She stood on the threshold of greater knowledge
But could not open the door.
Her fear that growth would set her apart
Outweighed her need to know.

Hesitantly, She took a step backward
To find only madness there.
Back again on the threshold, she stood,
Uncertainty keeping her there.

Sanding there,her need to know
Grows greater each passing day.
Until, on some tomorrow morning
She will open he door and find the way.


Nina said...

Oh my Z I feel like this right now. You amaze me . . . you really do.


Zareba said...

It will all work out, Nanina. It is hard right now, but that will ease as you go throug the doorway. Please write me if you would like.


kathy said...

Hi Z

This is a good poem!!!

Zareba said...

Thanks Nobody. It is another one that sprang full blown to the pen.