Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Growing Together

I would walk by your side,
and share with you my love.
I can not walk behind you.
You would hide me from the sun.
You must not walk behind me,
for you also need the light.
Side by side, on the road of life,
we can meet each new challenge
and grow together, always.


George Breed said...

Con-side-ration. Side by side.

Zareba said...

Exactly, George. It can be no other way.


Glen Zehr said...

I like that. That is the problem with so many marriages they forget or never knew......

Zareba said...

Thanks Glen. From what I have seen anything less than a true partnership either does not survive or the people in the relationship are never truly happy either within the relationship or within themselves.

Wouldn't it be nice if there were courses for prospective partners and prospective parents. We would not have to spend a lifetime learning how to do it right.