Friday, November 11, 2005


We are varicolored translucent disks, floating on the sea of life. When we drift into contact with each other, the overlapping portions form a third color. The strength of our relationships depends on the size of the overlap and the desirability of the color we create between us. The length of the relationship depends on the currents in the sea on which we float.


George Breed said...

Zareba, you just make me nod my head and smile! I can see it, I can see it!

Zareba said...

Thanks George. My pictorial mind thanks yours for seeing!


Beard said...

I like that image too. And yes we are adrift. It is all just happening, or perhaps it is sometimes directed by some higher consciousness.

Zareba said...

Thank you, Beard. I do appreciate minds that can think pictorially.