Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I asked my cat what it was like
to live nine years with me.

He cocked his head and thought a while,
"Interesting" said he.

Did I mention that he always
insisted on meditating with me,
even if it meant scratching a door down.

Fragile said the sign.
They didn't look.
She didn't last.

Is this a haiku?


Smarts said...

Ahhhh. A fellow Haligonian, could it be?
So very nice to make your acquaintance.

Zareba said...

Definitelyt in Nova Scotia, but out in the boonies now. Used to live in Dartmouth, work in Halifax.

Also nice to make yours.


Beard said...

I believe that technically "Haiku" about people are called Senru. Haiku proper are about nature and preferably contain some reference to a season.

However I think that your short poem contains some of the elements of Haiku. Specifically it gives a complete picture of a single thing in the space of a single breath.

I thought it was successful. How do you like writing on this small scale?

Zareba said...

Thanks, Beard. I have always had these two, three, four or five line thoughts pass through my head. I usually jot them down if they are particularly complete, otherwise not. I had not thought about them as an art form until reading your blog about haiku. You have broadened my knowledge base. Thank you. Any day that I learn something is a good day, and there are very very few days that I don't manage to learn something.