Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Space Suit

On the moon, man can not function but within the controlled environment of his space suit. He can not interact directly with the moon around him. On this earth, man can not function but within the controlled environment of his body and brain. He must strive mightily in order to consciously realize his greater self, using the tools provided in the physical body.

Lifetimes lived within this space suit of the physical creates fear to venture forth into the unknown without the familiar. Even the daring are most often content to psychically duplicate the familiar and experience what is termed projection. Few are the brave souls who venture forth into the expanded awareness that is ours by virtue of the soul’s heritage.


Beard said...

That is a great ananlogy Zareba.

Do you have any examples of what expanded awarenss might mean?

Zareba said...

Hmmmm...I will have to think about that. I know it means very different things to different people. For me, it is the ability to experience directly the connection to all that is. It is a state I visit as frequently as I can, but can not sustain. I believe that is a normal result of living in this world, in these bodies. Perhaps if one could be a hermit monk, the experience could be felt for longer periods, but I have nothing to prove or disprove that.

Zareba said...

Beard, Email me.I may have someting, but it is not formatted.

MrsDoF said...

You should read the book HAVE SPACESUIT, WILL TRAVEL by Robert Heinlein. Published in the 50s? but your library or Amazon Used might have a copy.
I've loved it since 6th grade or so.

Zareba said...

Hi mrsdof:

My DH is a major Heinlein fan and has everything He ever I have also read all of his books. My particular favorite is A Stranger In A Strange Land , and second place goes to the Methuselah books.