Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Butterfly And The Bull

The butterfly and the bull reside together,
side by side, in the one I love.
The butterfly is stronger,it keeps the bull in check,
except on rare occasions when it relaxes its' vigil
and the bull comes charging out.
If they could learn to live and work together,
they could conquer the world.


FM said...

You are a writer thats great...any book you wrote ?.If i am not wrong you wrote your book is about to publish at my blog i think ...thats why i am asking... :).

with regards

Zareba said...

I'm sorry, my comment on your blog was confusing. I was tired and forgot to scan it for spelling. What I had meant to say was that I took the left or right brain test that you had a link to in your blog. It showed me as slightly to the male side and very empathic! I wonder what that means.

I have just finished a book based on what I have learned on my journey toward enlightenment. It has taken up so much of my time that I have not been able to visit other blogs that I enjoy reading nearly as often as I want. Now that the book is done, I will have more time.

The book is published and available through the link to Zareba's Book in the links list on the right of my blog entries, if you wish to take a look.

Beard said...

Reminds me of the Soul and the Ego.

Zareba said...

You could be right, Beard. It seems that all is a shadow of what is above.

defiant goddess said...

That is very true on several levels.

Zareba said...

Thank you Goddess.


George Breed said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Zareba!

Zareba said...

and to you, George.