Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What is old. What is new.

What is old is me. What is new is this Christmas Day.

Last year, I wrote about passing the torch, and the need for the younger generation to learn to make Christmas before that knowledge dies out with the old ones. This year has been a totally new experience for this older child. I had been dreading Christmas in a way. As most of you know, I am not that strong any more and the idea of making Christmas, including Christmas dinner was a daunting one. The idea of going to the city for Christmas was out of the question.

I never even considered bringing (or taking) Christmas! However, my daughter arrived from the city last week, stayed two nights, and went with her dad to get the tree, then took me shopping for my gifts for him. In the evening he strung the lights and she decorated with his help. When she left the next morning, Christmas had arrived in our house.

The second hurtle, Christmas dinner, which we had cooked for the past 33 years without interruption, was to be catered...by her and her partner. They cooked all day Christmas Eve, then headed here in the morning, turkey, veggies, pies and Champagne with orange juice in hand. Her dad lit the kitchen range and promised to make the gravy. They warmed everything up, set the table, shared a morning champagne, opened gifts and we sat down to a very leisurely mid-afternoon dinner. Before leaving to go home again, they cleared the table, did the dishes, shared out the leftovers and put our portion in the fridge. All was left the way they found it this morning...except we have wonderful leftovers for tomorrow.

I could not feel more loved!

I pray for everyone to be surrounded by such love in this special season and all year long.


Rauf said...

Zareba, you would have guessed it by now that i have no faith and i do not believe in any god, yet i refuse to be called an athiest, since we have only theories on our hand and god is one such theory.
All i can say about myself is i am ignorant of the truth. Its same with every one, but people are very sure that they know the truth.
That is fine with me as long as they don't impose their truth on me or try to convince me to join their belief. And i sincerely believe that saints and philosophers have only damaged us by creating divisions in human race causing bloodshed.

I have been reading an interesting book called 'God Delusion' By Richard Dawkins. He calls himself an athiest and i find him to be a militant athiest and i don't agree with most of his ideas either. i get upset by the theists and the athiests trying to prove each other wrong. There are certain things which cannot be explained by science, like a wish or a prayer, they just erupt from the heart. There is no scientific proof that they work. But still, non believers like me wish and pray from the heart, to whom i do not know, they just erupt from the heart. Which is scientifically wrong, heart just pumps blood, its only in the mind.

I wish you and your family all the joy and health in the world. i was so pleased to read this post, inspite of the fact there is no Christmas or any celeberation for me. It makes me happy to see people celeberating and enjoying the festivals. i am glad that you had a wonderful Christmas Zareba.

Zareba said...

Hi Rauf. It sounds like the word you may be looking for is AGNOSTIC, meaning basically that for you, the jury is still out.

I firmly believe that each of us has their own path to follow, and their own truths to rediscover. The other name I operate under on line is Solo Sonder, which translates loosely from the French as Solitary Seeker. My path has been long and arduous up to here and now, but I would not sacrifice what I have learned even if it meant an easier life.

I believe we are about the same age, and your path has been no easier than mine. I would enjoy hearing from you by email and perhaps we could investigate this subject together.

I wish you sunshine and laughter