Sunday, December 09, 2007

Balance, The Spiritual Pillar Revisited

If one meditates regularly, the questions will come, growth will begin whether we plan for it or not. Opportunities will present themselves. We may struggle with a concept for ages then one day, the light bulb goes on and we simply know that we have found that particular answer. At least the right answer for this particular stage in our growth, since there is no ultimate answer to be found until one has scaled the mountain and stands on the pinnacle.

Much of this growth happens unnoticed. We simply accept these new ideas, truths and ways to relate to the world around us as normal. At some point, we will recognize that something is happening to us, and that we are no longer the same person who started meditating. Better health, less stress, and the results of a quiet mind have allowed our inner selves to communicate with the mundane here and now selves. Our values change and grow, our pleasures tend to be had in the simple things around us. We feel more connected to nature as well as more compassionate with our fellow travelers. We love more deeply, we think more deeply, and we are much quicker to lend a helping hand.

The platform of our lives starts to spend more time in a balanced or at least semi-balanced state. We have found our path and have begun to scale the mountain in earnest. This may be a dangerous time for us as we start to utilize more of our mental capabilities. If we manifest talents that we did not know we had, we need to remember that they are simply guideposts along the path and not to become fascinated by them. If we do become distracted, we will spend time in sort of a rest stop area, neither progressing nor regressing. Along the path, there are many of these rest areas, where we may stop and gather our thoughts, put new knowledge in it’s proper place and contemplate future endeavors. These stops will be different for each of us as we each travel a unique path, near or far from others on the slopes.

It is also possible to be so wrapped up in our spiritual growth that we neglect to nurture our physical, emotional and mental selves. As the pendulum swings beyond the balance point again, we will find ourselves in need of concentrating on these other pillars to bring ourselves back into balance. For each of us, the needs will be different. We need to pay attention to the worldly aspects of ourselves in order to embrace and nurture what needs attention. This is not a final balancing as we can not sustain perfect balance here on earth, we can only move through it like a pendulum does. Each new journey around the spiral of becoming will present it’s own challenges and it’s own rewards.

If we bear in mind that life is a spiral, we will not get discouraged, thinking we have simply come full circle and are back where we began. The territory may seem familiar but it is not exactly the same. Progress is being made, and at the proper rate for each of us. The journey is long and speed is not a requirement.

And so ends another circuit of the pillars that support our lives.


Maithri said...

This is a truly beautiful truth which you describe so succinctly here...

Love and thanks, M

jon be me said...

Hi Z
I have added your link to my blog. Thanks for stopping by.
I look forward to reading your posts.


jim said...

We tend today to live like a speeding car always careening almost out of control...meditation slows down time, it take a bit of patience to appreciate that slowdown, then some more to take advantage of it and realize life more.

And we should never forget our source, like we should not forget to sleep, for we need to draw from that source daily as we can...and so balance becomes us.

You are amazing Zareba, such an inspiration, such fine elucidations of vital realities, I certainly appreciate your work and your experience and your love, you willingness to share and be there, God bless you and yours Zareba, always, Jim.

Zareba said...

Thank you Miathri. It is always good to know that I am communicating clearly.

I have added you as a link so that others can read your beautiful poetry and informative prose. Knowledge is truly power and the more people exposed to it, the more power they have over their own lives.


Zareba said...

Hi Jon Be Me. Thank you for the link and the complement. I am enjoying strolling through your blog as well.

Zareba said...

Thank you so much, Jim.

I always apprecieate your visits and comments. It is my hope that my meditation posts will reach someone who will benefit from them.Even if only one person does, it has been successful.

May peace and love be yours, my friend.