Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Links

Today I have added two new links to posts that I enjoy reading very much.

The first belongs to Jon Be Me and is called Right or Rong? . His insights are based on the Buddhist view, and well worth the read for anyone on or searching for their path. Anyone who knows me, knows that if I had to profess a specific religion or path, it would have to be Buddhism.

The second belongs to Maithri Goonetilleke, a medical doctor in Australia, and is called Soaring Impulse. The information he shares is honest and to the point, written in plain English so all can understand. Knowledge is power and he passes it out freely. His poetry is powerful, beautiful, and moving.

Both are worthy.


jon be me said...

Wow, what a good idea to post about new links...why didn't I think of that!...hahahaha....
love your blog,

Zareba said...

I knew I saw it somewhere! ☺ Love yours too!


Maithri said...

Dear Zareba,

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I am humbled.

Your place here is full of beauty and wisdom,

I honour the place in you where we are both one,

With love and the blessings of peace, Maithri

jon be me said...

We must have been related in our past lives because when I was in the airforce 20 odd years ago...my nickname was.. Z

Must have been a favorite letter of ours from our previous days together in Z imbawa...seems like yesterday....


Zareba said...

miathri: Your work is so vital and your words so beautiful. I believe you write the same way I do. I sit at the keyboard, then get out of the way! When it has been written, I must read to know what has been typed. The wisdom comes from the Creator. Long ago, I accepted the call to share what I have been privilaged to learn. I write because I must.

I believe you know exactly what I mean.


Zareba said...

Jon: You must have done some research. The name has been with me all my ife, but I was over 30 before I knew the origin of the name. The original spelling is zahriba.
Like drops in the ocean, we are all connected. Sometimes we are given the rare gift of renewing our association from one lifetime to another. I treasure our reunion.