Thursday, December 06, 2007

Stolen Moments

Do you find that ruined plans and waiting times are lost time or wasted time? Or do you take these little bits of time for yourself and recognize them for what they are. Stolen moments!

If you find yourself in the first category, you probably also multitask, carry a lot of stress, become frustrated when your plans go awry, and you may be subject to high blood pressure and even ulcers. I have experienced all of the above in early adulthood. I still multitask………..I have relinquished the other Type A traits.

On the other hand, if you view these little bits of time as the gifts they are, you probably get as much, if not more done in the same time span. Your stress levels are probably much lower, blood pressure is not a problem and you are more balanced in all four areas, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

There are ways to get from lost time to stolen moments. I got there by prioritizing, demanding time for myself, and meditating, meditating, meditating. I was a young parent with a family and a burgeoning career. I burned the candle at both ends and suffered from ulcers constantly. This was the point in my life that I met the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. I was taught Transcendental Meditation and was on my way to healing the ulcers, reducing stress, and appreciating the stolen moments that are a gift to each and every one of us.

Meditating twice a day became easier and easier. After some time, I was able to meditate anywhere any time, almost. I was even able to meditate in a moving commuter train, not recommended! As my stress levels reduced and my health started to improve, I began to see that if I did not look after myself I could not fulfill my obligations to family and career.

Although I did not have any more time than I did before meditation, I was able to use it better, which included capitalizing on those times when plans go awry and we are left with unplanned time. Before, I thought of these times as lost time. Now I see them as stolen moments, gifts which I can use to take care of my own needs. I can now use this time to read a good book, talk to a friend, go for a drive, have a leisurely bubble bath, spend it doing something I enjoy with family or friends…. The possibilities are endless.

It is worth examining one’s life to see what needs are not being fulfilled and incorporate satisfying those needs into our daily lives. YES! Play is a need that must be met in order to become a fully functional human. Try making a list of the things you would like to do but don’t feel you have the time. You know the ones.... you dismiss them as being selfish, or believing that everyone else’s needs are more important than yours. Then prioritize the items on this list using a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not very important and 10 being very important. Those with the higher rating are those that are needed to maintain your physical and mental health at their highest possible level.



Alexys Fairfield said...

Hi Zareba,
I love this topic. All of the moments we have on earth are precious and I don't take any for granted.

I think we have to learn to slow down the rate in which we take in stimuli; that is to say cut down on the hustle and bustle and go within. Soon the moments that were once stolen become moments we find most memorable.

Trée said...

I have more lost moments between other moments than I care to admit. Seems I struggle to live in the moment and I spend a lot of time preparing for the moment.

Sophia said...

I stopped meditating when we adopted another dog. The two canines can be loud sometimes because they often play. Their barking interrupts my concentration. How I miss meditating! I haven't done so since June of this year.

I've noticed, too, that I've been more stressed and that my blood pressure has gone up.

I may just have to meditate in the midst of barking!

Zareba said...

Hi Alexys: I have found those stolen moments to be the most memorable of all, probably because they tend to come as a surprise and with the right attitude, we enjoy them to the fullest.

Zareba said...

Tree: Nice to see you here. Perhaps the lost moments are really stolen moments in discuise and you just need to grab them and enjoy the he** out of them. The fact that you still struggle to live in the moment tells me that you are making progress. /the fact that you spend a lot of time preparing for the moment shows you are a closet type A. Let go.

Zareba said...

Hi Sophia. My experiencxe with pets and meditation was that the cats would claw their way right through a door so they could sit on my knee and travel with me. The dog was happiest keeping my feet warm. I think she just did not want me to go anywhere without her. Lying on my feet was effective.

Try in the time before they get rowdy and in the time at night when they settle. They may well enjoy it if they are calm enough to notice.