Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Mask

Since I am writing an article on anger to post here, I thought I would first post a poem that I wrote many years ago.

The Mask

So much has made me angry
Over the years till now,
That I have had to ask myself
What anger is, and how
It can control the things I do
despite my very vow.
I look behind the angry roar
And lurking there, I see
A myriad different disguises
Peering back ant me.
Behind each mask I look beneath.
The face of fear is what I see.

Let me never wear this mask.


Kathy said...

Hello Zareba :)

Anger. yeah i don't like it. It's madness. I want to feel love not fear. I want to feel compassion not hate.
(((Hugs))) and thanks!

Maithri said...

Oh wow!

This is beautiful zareba,

Just beautiful, M

Zareba said...

Hi Kathy:

Learning love, not fear, compassion, not hate is a very large undertaking and I believe not totally achievable in one lifetime. We can certainly learn not to beat the cr** out of everyone thsat makes us mad in one lifetime, but the finer details are more difficult.

The reason I call anger the un-emotion is that even now, anger can rear it's ugly head and I have to search diligently to find the face behind that ugly mask.

Meditation has been the tool of choice most often. It allows one to calmly examine the cause without the interference of the ego, called by psychiatry "the inner child"

I will post a recent experience here before finishing the article I have started about that un-emotion.

Thank you for visiting and commenting.

May you find joy and peace in each day


Zareba said...

Hi Maithri:

Thank you.