Sunday, July 16, 2006

Suspended Animation

The way it was is perhaps the way it will be.
The way it is, is different, altogether
From anything ever experienced before.
Caught up in suspended animation,
Afraid to breathe, lest I be disturbed,
Desiring to know the future,
Desiring not to know the future,
Caught between yesterday and tomorrow
Wishing to remain here always,

Oblivious to both


Don Iannone said...

Maybe not so oblivious...your poem captured it.

May your soul be in full animation present in this day.

Zareba said...

Thanks Don. I think it was Timothy Leary that said "Be here now."


jim said...

I know this feeling/tendency too, I try to keep it from being too settled when I feel it, I want to go on into tomorrow now, but there are times when I don't want to.

Your writing is really super good for the past months Zareba, keep it up.