Sunday, July 16, 2006

Another Dimension

Another Dimension
Untouched but not unaware,
I walk through the throngs of shoppers.
Unreal but not unanimated,
They move through the halls and shops.
There but not there,
I seemed the only reality in a cartoon land.
Alone but not truly apart
I strolled through the world of every day.


Don Iannone said...

I believe all of us feel that way at times, Z. Nice one. Thanks and blessings.

Zareba said...

Thanks Don. Without the feed-back it is not always easy to know if I have captured a particular feel. ...Z

jim said...

I FEEL that, have FELT it, and know it well. You got it, Zareba.

Zareba said...

A belated thank you, Jim. I have not been back through here in a very long time, butr am glad to do so now.