Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Honesty is such a rare commodity that meeting it strikes fear into the
hearts of many. When one both gives and demands honesty in a
relationship, you act as mirrors to each other. Initially, the act of
seeing oneself in another’s eyes will cause them to retreat in shock
and startlement, but they will be drawn to look again and again.

If they like what they see they will look at every opportunity.
If not, they will avoid you until they are drawn for another peek,
just to see if anything has changed.

Being a mirror carries responsibility. You must do your best
to reflect clearly and without distortion. You are trusted
to reflect honestly and actions taken because of a faulty reflection
create debts that you must pay.

A still pool reflects most accurately. It also draws many to
look and learn.


samuru999 said...

Oh my... you write so very
I love this... so true!

kathy said...

I'm with samuru999.
Thank you Z :)

Don Iannone said...

Thanks for being a still reflecting pool, Z. When I look in you, I see me looking at me, me looking at you, you looking at you, and you looking at me. And in all that seeing, we see eye to eye because it all one--everything...all the looking, seeing, reflecting,and all else.

rama said...


Thanks for visiting my blog (Cuckoo's call).

Mirrors - we should be mirrors for one another, we should utilise others as mirrors. Here's a poem I wrote 10 years ago on this theme:


Through your appearance friend, I learnt to recognise myself,
Your inward is in my outward, I am the inward in your outward.
If I am ever right, that is only because of you
And mine the evil that poisons you.
You are only a figment of my imagination,
While I know myself only through your blessing.
My place is at your feet, by your side, and in your embrace
May you be the body through which I realise myself.
Through failure and betrayal, I struggle to uphold your love and compassion,
Disconsolate shame my constant reward.
The world is my mirror, I look and see myself
May I be able to be your’s, and help you to see yourself.
In gratitude for your kindness, through which I am
May I be able to help you know who you are.



defiant goddess said...

"Being a mirror carries responsibility."

I like that!

Zareba said...

Thanks Samuru and Kathy. Love your parrot Kathy, I have 4 at the moment and I recognize that look.


Zareba said...

Thank you Don. All is truly One.

I walk my path with a candle in order to illuminate the path where one could stumble easily and a mirror to reflect each person's truth.It is all one truth but like the blind men and the elephant, each experiences it in a unique way. You also remind me of a couple of other poems I will dig up and post here. Thank you. ...Z

Zareba said...

Thank you Rama. If we could all be mirrors, the world would achieve lift-off in record time, and thank you for sharing your poem as well.


Zareba said...

And Renee, I believe you never lose sight of that responsibility.

I always enjoy my visits to your blog and apprecieate your visits and comments on mine. ...Z

jim said...

Yes Z, that mirror carries responsibility and should be as honest as possible.

Your writing is sharper than ever.