Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Gaea, Earth Mother, Goddess, State of Harmony.
You wear as many guises
As there are eyes to see you.

As a child, I see you as a child,
Sun on your hair, bird on your finger,
Laughter in my ears, joy radiating from you
Like the sun on a rainbow.

As a woman, I see you as a woman,
A gentle smile on your lips
The young at your feet, bandaging a hurt.

In my sadness, I see you as
Comfort personified,
Rocking me in your arms, your breath
The breeze rustling in the trees.

In my anger, I see you as
A storm upon the ocean,
Venting your energy where no one is hurt.

In my pain, I see you as mother,
Rocking me on your knee,
Soothing me with gentle sighs
And soft caresses.

In my joy, I see you as a smile
Dressed in wild flowers
Dancing in a forest glade.

In my fear, I see you as a giant oak,
Your leafy arms around me,
Your crown bent to protect
This child of yours.

But always, I see you
Watching over all that is.


samuru999 said...

Truly very beautiful!

Beard said...

Great poem Zareba,

Thanks for stopping by.

I don't get on line much any more but it is nice to see you again.


Zareba said...

Thanks Samuru. ...Z

Zareba said...

Beard: Thanks for your visit and comment. I hope the reason you are not on line so much is a positive one.I will miss your poetry and observations. Drop me a line if you have the time, Mark.


jim said...

Zareba, that is amazing, so naturally flowing both the words and the meaning, in every stanza, so smooth. And profound in meaning overall. So excellently natural, really rare.