Monday, July 17, 2006


This one I wrote a number of yeas ago after someone tried to make me responsible
for their spiritual development, rather like a minister or priest. It was very difficult
to convince that person that I don't have the answers for them. I only have my own,
and not all of them by far.

Each person must find their own answers and follow their own path. It is very dangerous
to give one's fate into the hands of another. The person looking for a guru stops searching
for their own path and growth stops. The person who accepts the role of guru bears the responsibility for their effect on the other, and will incur karmic debt, either positive or negative.

A phrase that stuck with me is "the God of my heart", and I believe that no one should
stand between you and the God of your heart. There are many, many paths up the
mountain, all lead to the same place, the top and enlightenment. I can not choose another's path. I wish only to carry my candle and mirror, the candle to light the path at my feet to avoid stumbling, and the mirror to reflect another's truth, which is already inside them. They need only to rediscover it.


Once I found a guide
And made of him an idol.
I took his light
And used it as my own.
I followed his path
And forgot about my own.
In a patch of sunlight
I began to see his faults
And condemned him for his flaws
That I had refused to see.
I forgot that he had offered
Only to lend a light
To see me on my way,
And the idol I believed him
Was only in my mind.


Kat said...

So true,Zareba..... Love your writings.

Don Iannone said...

This is a beauty Z. Thank you.

jim said...

Well Zareba, there is a ULTIMATE TRUTH, a real one. One can learn from another but one cannot be another. Very True piece Zareba, as is usual with you. Thanks. I am glad to see that said.

Darlene said...

"It is very dangerous
to give one's fate into the hands of another." In reality, I think throughout life we are constantly giving our fate into the hands of another, sometimes for the better, other times for the worse. And thus we don't really have control over our lives.

As children, our lives are controlled by our families and schools. When we pursue further education, the institution we attend controls our lives to some extent.

When we fall in love and choose a partner for life, we have to consider, want to consider, the other person too; thus our lives aren't entirely our own.

The hardest part is when we get a job, and our employer is in control of us. We may flourish under the relationship, but instead we could destroy ourselves inside. Our fate is in their hands.

If we look for another job: while we're waiting for a response as to whether or not we got it, our fate is in their hands. If we get the job, our fate is shuffled off into that new employer's hands. No job will be everything we want or need--our fate is not our own.

kathy said...

Thanks Z! :)

Don Iannone said...

Greetings and blessings, Z.

Darlene said...

Reading this over again brings more meaning to me, Z. When we turn to others for help, we should only be seeking guidance, suggestions and ideas, but we shouldn't follow their paths per se. Each person has their own needs, their own destiny, and to idolize someone else and therefore follow their path could forever ruin our chances of ever reaching our potential, and that which is best for us individually. The problem comes when we cross the line from respect over to idolization.

Don Iannone said...

Z...How are you? Just checking in.


rama said...

Hullo! Glad to visit and read through your blog again!

I'd like to invite you to visit my new on-line poetry collection, at:

Thanks and best wishes


jim said...

Hello Zareba, How is it going, just checking on you, I'll be back.

jim said...

May G-d bless you Zareba, take care.

Zareba said...

Thanks Kat. Now that i am back, drop in any time. ...Z

Zareba said...

Thanks very much Don, for dropping by and commenting. A real friend. Wish we could share a coffee and discuss the ways of this wicked world. ...Z

Zareba said...

Jim, my firend. I agree so completely adn I fight allways to prevent being set up in that position. I wish it were possible to impart the knowledge without the teacher getting in the way. A student once told me that I could not prevent it completely because I live what I teach and people always have a mental picture of the teacher even if they do not know anything about him or her.


Zareba said...

Dearest Darlene. All I can think of to say to that is PKZOXOOK which is the series of letters I had to copy in order to get this posted.

We must take control.....we can not anways control what happens to us, but we do have control over what we do or say or think about it, and we always have a choice as to whether we stay or leave an uncomfortable or unprofitable situation.

Example: Every morning when I brush my teeth, I look at the red plastic cork in my trach and realize I can remove the cork, or the trach and be done with it, but having the choice does not always mean we should act on it, just be aware that it is choice.

Hugs, dear one

Zareba said...

The problem comes when we cross the line from respect over to idolization.

Eurika, dear Dar. I am glad you went over it again.


Zareba said...

Thanks Kathy for dropping by. I hope to see you here again. ...Z

Zareba said...

Hi Rama. Thanks for the visit and the invitation. I will definitely take you up on it. ...Z