Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Two items written at different times in the past. I still believe in preserving one's innocence as long as possible. It truly is protection from a world gone mad with the need to shock. Funny how the subconscious continues to mull over a thought until it emerges full blown. I had not realized I was still pondering the role of innocence in our lives until Ode To Lost Innocence flowed from my pen one day.


Innocence, in layers,
protects our very soul
from a world of ugliness
each day ‘till we grow old.

The years of living peel the layers away,
but if we guard it well,

some protection yet may stay.
Today’s child tears recklessly
at the innocence he wears,
not knowing his coming nakedness
against worldly cares.
Could he but know tomorrow’s need
for what he so lightly throws away.
If I had it all to do again,
my innocence, I’d keep intact as best I could,
against a day of need.
A cloak not missed until it’s lost.
I wish I could have guessed what cost.
What cost my carelessness,
in blindly tearing from my soul,
those layers of innocence.
In the prime of life, I’m old,
made old by my own fault,
worn down so soon without my cloak
as shelter from the storm.

Ode To Lost Innocence

A soul stands naked in the cold,
Innocence in tatters at his feet.
In times gone by, he was so bold,
Not knowing his future need.
Innocence stripped from his very soul,

The layers peeled without any heed.
Fleeting joys, memories grown old
Provide no warmth in his hour of need.
His youthful senses were dulled

“By my innocence” he said.
To feel the pleasures of the world
Was why he did what he did.
But now, in nakedness and dread,

He awaits the cold reality.
Innocence, once lost and dead
Can never again protection be.


samuru999 said...

That was amazing!
Thanks for sharing it!

Zareba said...

Thanks Samuru. Glad you came by...Z