Friday, September 07, 2007

Meditation vs Machines

The Lab with Leo LaPorte recently featured a device that measures your breath rate then helps you to reduce it to 10 respirations per minute or lower, what they called a therapeutic range. I believe they were putting this device forward as an aid to reduce blood pressure and better regulate heart rate. The device attaches to a belt around one’s chest or abdomen, whichever one breathes from, and measures the rate and volume of the respirations before chiming a series of notes. For this, you will pay well in excess of $300. and you can carry it around as you go about your daily business.

For the total of $0.00 one can set aside ten to twenty minutes twice a day to meditate. In meditation, as one relaxes, the breathing naturally slows to less than ten respirations per minute. It has the benefit of stress relief in addition to the positive effect on blood pressure and heart rate. No special formula or ritual is necessary to obtain these results.

It was nice that the show did not promote the device, just reported on it and kept mentioning meditation while doing so.


jim said...

Hi Zareba, I just read these late posts, very much in them brings back memories from my days with meditation and the related materials, you do a really fine job of putting it forward.

The breathing thing is right on too, don't need a machine, this breathing relaxation stuff is some of the best things one can do for self.

Keep writing and teaching, you are doing an excellent job, and more.

Love and Peace to you and yours always Zareba.

Zareba said...

Thank you, Jim. I hope these writings help others to discover the depth and benefitsa of meditation.

May sunshine and laughter visit you often.