Friday, September 14, 2007

Keeping a Journal

There are a lot of benefits associated with keeping a journal –– mental, emotional, and even physical. Many of us now keep blogs, which are actually a form of journal, which we choose to share with others, or not.
Studies have found that, when people write about their deepest thoughts and feelings in a journal, it helps to reduce stress, moderate depressive symptoms, and even enhance the immune system functioning. And this is besides the mental and emotional benefits of writing about your feelings and any problems, crises, or the joys that occur in your life.
When you keep a journal, you have the chance to sort out your thoughts and feelings about conditions, issues, and people in your life. Writing helps to clarify your ideas and get your problem-solving juices flowing. And when you look back on your journals, you can more easily see any patterns that you may have fallen into, or keep track of your progress in your goals. And most of all, you get to know the "real" you.

With learning to meditate, keeping a journal can help to keep track of progress as well as experiments that may not have worked. It can be used to jot down experiences or questions that you may wish to share in the group or make note of changes you may make in your ritual.

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