Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Journey

When we choose to grow, at first we may not know the reason for doing something, it is just an impulse. As we begin to follow our path, the view ahead becomes clearer and clearer. We also begin to find tools along our way that will help us continue our journey. One of those tools is meditation, which can benefit us in both the secular and spiritual realms.

I often refer to the path as leading up the mountain because there are so many parallels that can be drawn. Initially we are blinded by the trees on the lower slopes, in fact we often "can not see the forest for the trees", as they say. If we have the courage to shrug off the baggage we carry, and begin our ascent, we come to where the trees are thinner and we can see much farther along our path. The first thing we notice is that there are many paths. as far as we can see in any direction, and we accept that there are other paths that we can not see. Suddenly someone comes into sight on a nearby path....if we accept that there are many paths up the mountain and all lead to the same thing, the summit, we will have achieved tolerance. We will also be rewarded with the companionship of the other person until your paths diverge or one of you disappears in the distance.

As we continue to climb, the view becomes clearer and clearer except for boulders, cliffs, valleys, all the formations one expects to see on a mountainside. It is necessary to carry a light to illuminate the path at our feet so that we do not stumble or take a wrong turn, and both give and receive help to others struggling up the mountain as well. The mirror we carry helps us to reflect the truths we all carry within. The summit is wreathed in mist and mystery, so we carry on with faith and the sure knowledge within our soul that this is our path, and we must travel it.


Alexys Fairfield said...

Here's to reaching the summit and feeling and seeing the glory of the view.

Zareba said...

I'll toast to that. It is a long climb and will take many lifetimes so we should also make sure we enjoy the process and not just the goal. I do believe you are a worthy companion on such a journey.

May we provide companionship to those we meet on the journey.

jim said...

That is one of the absolute best descriptions of the journey I ever read, great job Zareba. Poetry in Prose.

Zareba said...

Thanks Jim. I enjoy your companionship on my Journey as well. We learn from all we meet.