Monday, June 12, 2006

Strong Feelings

As you can tell from the four previous items, this is an area that I feel strongly about and have visited in my mind many, many times. These thoughts are probably not in their final form even now, but I am interested in any comments you, the readers, choose to make.


jim said...

Zareba, I want to go out on a limb, I want to deal with the earlliest of your 4 posts, in this comment, then see, maybe another on a later of the 4.

Someone commented that they didn't remember making choice before birth, you indicated one perhaps. Here is my personal view on that matter. The body is born, it has a spirit with/in it, that is the 'emotion' of it, gives it life, life in the material of that body. It grows, the body and the emotion and developes a mind, as time goes on the mind gains dominance over the emotion and body. Later, once the mind is ready, the Soul appears, the Soul enters the body/emotion/mind, ie, the child. The Soul waited for the right time, knew where in the world the body would be, it was predestined like that, but that was not determinitive of the future, the future would now be in the hands of all of these factors, they would have to work together, they would need time and trial and error and you are right, karma would be created, dharma would be operative and have to be settled, this all would be training for the Soul in combination with the mind/spirit emotion/body. So in a way the Soul that you become is the you that the body was born for, place and circumstances known and chosen by need that preexisted the birth, need of the Soul.

This is a brief layout of my view.

jim said...

So to finish the 4 topics, the one on Astrology is well commented by me, it is a control issue, can cause the mind/emotion of the person to overrule the needs of their Soul. Interference by whoever doing it is not good.

The Post on Enlighenment/Stumbling Blocks, this is true, people want it now, quick, even to their own detriment, they are insistent on the experience itself, the feeling, the highness. But that is not what it is about. And if you use drugs or some glandular control technique to get it, it may be partial, even worse, stunted, in occurence, but you wouldn't know, hence you would be in error thereafter. It is really the awakening of the self, the mind/emotion/body that is the person, to the reality of the Soul within them, then upon that 'realization' the Soul opens the mind/emotion to Memory from above, from Soul, and then the whole operates at a maximum level of existence. This takes time, comes to its' own point and is sort of a 'natural' occurence for the Being.

The last most recent post, Faith, faith is the highest of achievements, the most difficult to have for 'real'. Faith can never be conquered, fear and doubt will always be present and should be recognized, but denied rule, or dominance, so one can take and walk from a 'leap' of faith, act without authority, the Soul becomes the only Authority.

Hope this was something like you had in mind. Sorry if it is too long. Thanks for the opportunity, Zareba, I appreciate it and you.

Don Iannone said... of your strongest feelings is your love!

Zareba said...

Thank you Jim:

I always enjoy your well considered comments and your ability to provoke thought. It is good for the soul to use the computer that is the mind. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. ...Z

Zareba said...

Thank you, Don.

defiant goddess said...

You really got me thinking here, lady.

I hate it when people do that. LOL

Be well, my friend.