Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life's Work

and this is the last one for today.............

Life’s Work

The soul within us all is perfect in it’s
expression. It is only the flaws in the vessel
that contains it, which cause the imperfect
reflection. It is the duty of each of us to mend
the flaws in order to allow the beauty of
perfection to shine through. This is the life’s
work of many life times. We must show each
other by example that progress can be made.


Don Iannone said...


Loved this latest string of pearls. Beautiful poetry. Life's Work speaks to me, as you know based upon my recent post on the very same issue. Thank you kind heart!

Darius said...

I like the whole thing except for the reincarnation reference. I just don't seem to be able to believe things where the evidence isn't strong, even if I might like to. Instead I use the same standards for religious/spiritual beliefs that I do for regular ones.

This is one reason why even if I'm in a good mood and things are going along nicely, I never, for example, walk across the street with my eyes closed - even if I have the feeling that I probably wouldn't get hit. The feeling or intuition just isn't enough for me to be able to say, with real conviction: I believe this.

Plus it could really make me have a bad day. Plus maybe I'd be reincarnated as a frog or turtle since evidently I still hadn't learned anything about crossing streets.

I'm half kidding and half serious here. Humor is seriously part of my religion... But so is skepticism. It has to do, for me, with love of truth. When I was much younger I really wanted to believe the stuff I'd grown up with, but in all honesty with myself, could not.

defiant goddess said...

Amen to that.

Soulless said...

So beautiful, in all its thoughtful wisdom and poetic fluidity. I especially like the way the lines have been cut. ^_^ Been reading other poems here, too; relished the narrative in, and rhyme of the piece entitled "A Train Ride." Thank you.

Cheers. ^_^

jim said...

How busy you have been, How right you are, very impressive, you are a great encouragement and role model. This latest post here is right on, very good perspective and very informative, all who don't accept such realities should investigate further, not just stop on the surface. Thanks Zareba, all my love to you.

Zareba said...

Thank you, Don. These are all older poems, but their message holds true still.


Zareba said...

Darius, thank you for your comments as always. I too look at life with a sense of the rediculous. Since I am not trying to convert anyone, it is not necessary for you to believe in reincarnation. That is the choice of each person. I just want people to make considered judgements, question their beliefs and life in general. It is the only way I know of to find one's true path.

There are many other things in life that you have had to take on faith, because there is no way to prove them. I wonder why reincarnation is such a bitter pill.

For me, truth is what resonates in me, brings a feeling of such sureness that I can not question it. I also believe in "as above, so below" which means to me that the rules of evolution would apply to reincarnation as they do to the physical universe. If I am right, I need not be concerned about being reincarnated as an ardvark. If not, who knows...............

I to could not bring myself to believe the stuff I grew up with.


Zareba said...

Thanks, AbNorMal. Hope all is going well with you.

Zareba said...

Thank you Soulless. The poems seem to write themselves, but A Train Ride was even more so. It was a dream that just flowed onto the paper many years ago.


Zareba said...

Thank you, Jim. I have been discussing life, the universe and everything with a Jewish friend. It is my first real exposure to Judaism but I am finding that the two paths are not that far apart.


jim said...

They are not far apart at all Zareba, they are closer than most know. You keep up the good work, you bring out the best and very essential points for readers to think about.