Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Old Thoughts, New Life

Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts with me. It is wonderful to have so much input that stirs my brain to think. Crossword puzzles are not sufficient exercise for the mind when recovering from drug over doses.
Some things that have happened recently have sent me back to my old journals and much of what I wrote years ago still holds true today. I will post some of the items here.

The Threshold

She stood on the threshold
of greater knowledge
But could not open the door.
Her fear that growth would set her apart
Outweighed her need to know.
Hesitantly, she took a step backward
To find only madness there.
Back again on the threshold she stood,
Uncertainty keeping her there.
Standing there, her need to know
Grows greater with each passing day.
Until, on some tomorrow morning
She will open the door and find a way.


The unknown lurks around each bend.
We choose to face it with fear or expectation.
Fear makes of it a monster,
Expectation, an adventure.
Some lives are lived in constant fear
Of monsters in the dark.
My life is lived in constant hope
Of adventure in the dawn.

Looking Within

If you could look within yourself
You would find the answer
To every question you have ever asked
And more, much more.
If you could be so quiet
You could hear your toenails grow,
The knowledge of the universe
Is there for you to know.
Your inner self is but a part
Of all that is and was
And ever will be.
You are IT, could you but see.
Turn you eyes and ears inward,
Look within your soul, listen to your heart,
Recognize your rightful place
In a Universe of love.

The Caretaker

The body is the temple of the soul, the ego is the caretaker of the temple. The ego, poorly trained for the job, believes he is the owner of the property, and in the absence of the true owner, uses and abuses his trust. But he can not really be held accountable because of his immaturity and incomplete training for the job.
Like a child, he must be corrected gently, but firmly, and properly taught his duties. Sometimes, like a hyperactive and wayward child, he is unwilling to accept authority, and relinquish his faulty conception of his role.
Anger and self-pity are the tools he uses to block out his master’s voice and avoid hearing the truth. Like a child, his fear of the unknown can slow his progress.
I can’t help but feel that children who are born angry are at this particular stage of soul development. The ego’s false sense of importance is the cause of much human woe. Lose it and one becomes invulnerable.


The truth is within us all. We need only to recognize it. When we hear the words of truth that we have not yet remembered, it resonates within and awakens that truth in us. With truth comes a positive feeling; We simply know it is a truth. To progress on the path, we need to listen, read and research other people’s truths in order to find our own.
Our physical minds are sophisticated computers. As such, we need to expose ourselves to a wide variety of input. If the words are not in our computer, we are not able to recognize or articulate our truths when they do manifest.


Don Iannone said...

Wonderful. Bravo.

I really love your poetry. It speaks to me and feels like some of what I write. Thanks for digging them up from your journals.

How are you doing, Z?

I send you blessings!

Zareba said...

Thank you, Don. I'm healing slowly. New model trach yesterday. It has a very soft clear base plate that is just a bar instead of a big hard oval white one like an arrowroot cookie. Already it is more comfortable. The strangest thing is that the trach itself does not bother me, but the idea of a hole in my neck to breathe through does. I do wish it had a lower profile, though.

jim said...

Very true post Zareba, I see you have been busy, impressive, beats me, hard as I work, you are incredible.

Hope your device is more comfortable. Don't worry too much about the looks, just take advantage of the benefits, as I see here in this blog you are doing.

jim said...

I just had to come back, having read thru all these later posts and particularly these old pieces right here, The Threshold and so on, these are very good and very helpful to anyone on the journey, you have some very good material here with clear, clear insights.

Thanks for the visit Zareba, I enjoy the time on your blog. Thanks, and all my love to you.

Zareba said...

Hi Jim. I received only one somewhat negative review of my book, and the reviewer basically said that I had stated the germ of an idea then did not go on to enlarge on it, that I did not do the material justice. It was never my purpose to convert anyone or to lay out detailed ideas, only to give the beginning points for others could jump off from, to make them think.

Thanks for understanding the purpose of publishing these journal entries from so long ago.