Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Train Ride

I stood at the door, staring out at the night,
alone in the crowd, on the train that night.
The stops went by, the doors closed tight.
My panic rose and I had to fight
the fear that rose in my heart that night.
I felt something wrong, they thought it right
to travel to nowhere, forever in the night.
My heart stood still, I had to alight.
Back again to where it all began,
the doors opened up and I almost ran.
It mattered not that they felt fine
to stay on the train at the end of the line.
I stepped out with a heart so free.
Most of the others that I could see,
content to ride in the endless night.
The crowd seemed to feel that it was right.
I followed the few who left the train
and felt that all was well again.
We moved along in single file.
I looked and wondered all the while.
The big recycler stood alone.
I walked in and was instantly gone.
I watched and saw, overlooking the train
that it simply all began again.
The choice was mine to leave the train.
I need not ride again and again.
All I needed was to know
and the desire that I should go,
to leave the train and travel on,
to see their fate and find my own.


Margie said...

I love your poetry!
Thank you, Z!


Swahilya said...

Interesting! the thought and the words~

jim said...

Hello Zareba, I took all these posts to read offline, I will come back in a week and talk about them in the comments, sooner if possible, my online time is very limited for visiting.

I love your writing and am happy to see this wonderful material, I will enjoy it.

Love and Peace to you and your family, thanks for everything.

Don Iannone said...

Beautiful story poem, Z. Enjoyed it. Hope you are well.

Zareba said...

Thanks to all of you for visiting and commenting. I treasure the comments as they let me know if I am expressing these truths in an understandable manner.

Over time, we develop a friendship as we see into each other's hearts. It is also wonderful to come here and find my friends.♥

May peace and joy find you each and every day.


jim said...

It is a fine poem Zareba, many perspectives involved. It brings back many memories of my own experiences, both mystical and everyday type experiences.

I think you enjoyed writing it, is seems to flow right out of the pen.

Zareba said...

You caught me, Jim. Writing is free and easy for me. I simply have to get out of the way and let it flow. This poem was written many years ago and I still find it meaningful.

Thanks for your comments.