Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Balance-The Mental Pillar

While reviewing the series of Meditation posts, I noticed that I had overlooked the Balance-The Mental Pillar. In the event that anyone is saving this series, I have copied it below.
When we get to the pillar of the mind, we need to consider what makes a healthy mind, and what part it plays in the total picture. The mind is an ultra-sophisticated computer and like a computer, it can not function smoothly without basic programming and input.
We need to open ourselves to a wide variety of experiences in order to enrich our data base, and be able to think about many different things. The mind that is active, exploring new ideas, learning new skills, thinking for the sheer pleasure of it is a healthy, happy mind.

We need to interact with others, learn communication skills, share knowledge to keep the mind working well. Without this, we can not search for what will make us whole. We become stagnant, stuck in the same old rut with only vague feelings of something missing, which leads us to the emotional pillar.

If we can not identify what we are searching for, we can make unwise decisions and choices in an attempt to fill that void. We can form unhealthy relationships, fall prey to extortive cults, suffer from long term depression, even become unable to function in our world.


Don Iannone said...


Such wonderful insight. Thank you for sharing this. And hoping you are well.

Sophia said...

I know what it's like to not know what it is I'm searching for. It does cause a lot of frustration at times!


Margie said...

Hoping your New Year is off to a great start!
A wonderful post here!
Thanks, my friend!


Anonymous said...


Swahilya said...

Hi Zareba,
Chicago is nice! Feel so much at home and so lots of blogging happening.

jon be me said...

So true Z for an open mind is an open door to mental growth, health and happiness! Don't close the door to life...

jim said...

Great advice Zareba, glad to see it in writing and so well said and straight forward, so true it is!

I think maybe relating thru dialogue is the most important thing around, gives opportunity that if taken can clear up so many issues a person has confusion about. We tend to hold back too much in these opportunities to discuss fine things.

Zareba said...

Thanks All. I treasure your visits and comments. I just regret that I am unable to visit here more.