Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Secrets of the Soul DVD

I have had the pleasure of reviewing this DVD and my comments are below.

“Secrets of the Soul” explores the search for the soul through history as well as the scientific quest for proof of the existence of a soul. The findings are presented in an impartial manner, neither promoting nor denigrating any of the theories it explores. It is eminently watchable, even captivating. I watched it with my adult daughter and she had the same response..

The first section, called “The Searchers”, documents the search through the ages, from ancient man to present day vision quests. It traces belief in an afterlife from the burial rites and cave paintings of early man, as well as compares religious and cultural differences around the world.

The second section is called “The Investigators”. It traces scientific investigation from the early experiments attempting to weigh the soul at the moment of death to present day investigation of mediums, near-death experiences, and people’s memories of an earlier life. Again, it puts forward no opinion, only the information they have gathered.

More information about the DVD can be found at http://www.secretsofthesoul.net/static.php?page=static071026-083752 or at http://www.secretsofthesoul.net/ as well as other worthwhile articles.

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