Saturday, January 12, 2008

I Googled Me

A while back, someone pointed out that there were not many hits on Google's front page for me as Zareba. Most are for some fencing company in Europe, and none were for my book.

On a whim, I wondered if there would be any hits under ZarebaToo, which is my email name. I have been Zareba from childhood, but on the Internet, I discovered the name already taken, so I added the Too. To satisfy my curiosity, I just Googled me and came up with 149 hits on 10 pages..... me... all ... me!

I am sitting here laughing as I type this. I can't help but think it is a Cosmic joke. I have previously written about the Fairy Godmother Department and the Practical Joke Department, and about feeling like we are used as target practice. Had that person not pointed out the lack of references on Google, I would never even have thought about checking for Zarebatoo!

Here is the poem:

No One There

He uses us for target practice
Scoring near misses only,
Never a direct hit.
A direct hit would mean
That we could not be used
As targets anymore.
The funny thing is:

There’s no one there.

And I will repost the article about the Fairly Godmother Department in my next post.


jim said...

That is incredible Zareba, I never have found myself at all in those search things. You are very worthy of the notice, tho, I am very glad to hear it is so!

Zareba said...

Jim. you always delight me with your insites and your comments.

May you find the peace you seek, my friend,