Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Reason

I watch him pace the floor
and struggle with his fear.
He knows there is no reason,
yet reason does not help.
Even though it be groundless,
the fear still finds a place.
I can only hold his hand
and wait for it to leave.


The Ritornello said...

Wonderful poem. We usually don't fear because we have a good reason. But then, we can do little about our fears...

George Breed said...

Why sure we can, Gary. We can face them. Faced long enough they turn into something else.

Hi Zareba!

Zareba said...

thank yo lfor your comment, Gary.Most people feel that fear is a part of our make-up, part of our lives, like it or not, but the truth is that we can eradicate unfounded fears, and most are unfounded.

There is an old saying that "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself." Took me a long time to work through that one, but it can be done, it has been done!

Hi George!