Wednesday, December 14, 2005


A man once said, "come fly with me",
and though I wanted honestly
to join him in the sky and soar,
I was earthbound by the pack I wore.

I could not leave my pack behind,
for it contained this past of mine,
remnants kept for security
and I must plod through eternity.

Strewn along my plodding way
other packs I found each day,
'till yesterday, I heaved a sigh,
shrugged off mine and began to fly.


kathy said...

This is beautiful. The ego is very heavy, and our package of stuff (past whatevers!) can wiegh us down if we let it. travel light or no pack at all and fly!

cool poem Z, Thank you!

Beard said...

Great Zareba,

The last stanza is a beautiful poem in itself.

mreddie said...

As I read this I flew along with you! ec

Darlene said...

My interpretation is different, Kathy. I don't think this is necessarily the ego it's referring to. To me, it could just be the accomplishments we've attained in the past, and because we have so many self doubts, we need those accomplishments to remind us that we are not failures. Without that security, we would possibly be afraid to accomplish more.

And finally we would grow so weary of crawling around trying to succeed, picking up more packs along the way, that we'd give in and let ourselves fly, giving ourselves freedom from our fears.

Gaye said...

Oh the sensation of flying... so intense. Trying to shed this pack of mine... I'm ready to fly.

George Breed said...

Z, I invite you please to turn your mind to A Worthy Project on my site. Thanks, George

Zareba said...

Thank you all for reading and commenting on my poem. I appreciate the input as always. I also wish you all to fly.


Nina said...

I just love this ~ quite beautiful and holds so much meaning for me.