Monday, October 31, 2005

A Walk

Today, I walked with God, a brother and a dog.
I don't know which of us enjoyed it most.

The dog, ears flapping, feet flying, stopped
for a bite of snow, a sniff at a new scent,
or to have his ears scratched,
saw newness and adventure in everything around him.

The brother, enjoying the energy of the dog,
the small talk and companionship we shared,
saw a possible hunter, game tracks
and the hand of nature.

I, watching my footing, hearing the snow crunch,
enjoying nature's artwork,
saw a precious moment in time to be
enjoyed to the fullest.

And God, thought the eyes of the dog, a brother, and I
Saw it all.


Glen Zehr said...

I like the idea here that every moment needs to be cherished....

Nina said...

As always Z, just beautiful!

Zareba said...

Thank you Glen. We only have the present moment, and if it is not appreciated to the fullest, we miss the opportunity completely. It will not come again.


Zareba said...

Thanks Nanina. It means alot that you read and enjoy. Your encouragement helps me to have faith in the book and in my writings.


Beard said...

Nice one Zareba.