Wednesday, October 12, 2005


If I talk all the time,
I need not listen to you.

If I think all the time
I need not listen to me.

If I sit so still I can hear the grass grow,
I will learn the secrets of the universe.


Beard said...

Hello Zareba,

Did you know that if you enable spam blocking you will not get this kind of spam.

Zareba said...

Thanks, Beard. I did not know but have found the setting and turned it on. I also discovered I can delete these spam comments, which is what I am off to do now.


Stacey said...

I sometimes worry that I talk too much and don't really hear others talking. Or if I'm "listening" to someone talk, I worry that I'm not listening enough, or not paying enough attention. This poem reminded me of that.

Zareba said...

A busy mind, Stacey! I found the real difficulty was in stilling it so that I could just be!! Thanks for reading and for your comments.