Saturday, October 15, 2005


Eventually, one has to admit defeat,sometimes.
When someone simply refuses to understand,
and persists in finding justification for hatred,
there comes a time that your head
becomes too sore to continue to bash it
against a stone wall.
All that is left is to feel sadness for them
and hope that another place, another time,
they will allow themselves to find happiness.
Perhaps it was not meant to be in this lifetime.


Nina said...

Z ~
I really like this one a lot.


Zareba said...

Thanks, Nina. I'm sure you have been there too!

HolyInheritance said...

Be at Peace.

Everything is exactly as
it should be.


Beard said...

If there are angels watching us, then they may be saying, "It is too bad we can't do something to prevent these people from suffering when they see other people suffering."

In a sense, we may be only slightly better off than the person you described.

Rob said...

You have really expressed something clearly here. Thank you.