Sunday, October 23, 2005


When the time comes to say "So Long"
do you linger over it?
not knowing quite what to say,
how to let the other person know that it's OK
without making them feel rejected b you?

Why is so much fuss made over something
which is a normal part of living?
Why are we made to feel guilty if it comes easily?
Should we feel our paths are irrevocably entwined?
Is it sacrilege to walk alone sometimes?

We are conditioned to hang on to everything.
We are so busy being greedy,
grasping at everything that comes our way,
that we are unable to enjoy the things
that pass our way each day.

I don't want to hang on to you
or have you hang on to me
I want us both to enjoy
our drifting past each other,
glad for the contact while it lasts.


Nina said...

Wow~ I needed this today, in a way.
I still don't like saying goodbye. Maybe that is why we don't have a word for it in Tsalagi. Do-na-da'-go-hv-(i') means (We'll see one another again.)

Zareba said...




Stacey said...

I also hate goodbyes.

I have a long story which involves a goodbye I didn't want to make and that I've felt bad about for over a year now.

But, I've come to learn it is just one of life's many lessons.

Zareba said...


One of the harder lessons is learning to forgive ourselves when we do not live up to our own expectations. We need to see the problem, learn the lesson, vow to do better and move on. The moving on is hardest. We have only today, only NOW and if we try to dwell in the past or the future, now slips away and we have nothing.

Thanks for our comment and i am glad you have learned tghis one.