Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thoughts On a Long Term Relationship

As we approach our thirty-fourth wedding anniversary, and forty-one years of knowing each other, my thoughts turn to partnerships, both formalized and common-law.

It is hard to believe in these days, that a marriage can become strong and stay that way. So many young people cop out at the first sign that the honeymoon might be over. That does not mean that we never make mistakes, sometimes we do. In such a case it is best to separate before doing permanent harm to each other.

In order to build a strong foundation together, both parties have to be committed to making it work. Each obstacle that is overcome makes the parties and the partnership stronger.

Again, I draw on my grandparents and my husband's parents for strength and wisdom. My husband's parents celebrated their 50th before my father-in-law passed on. Mom missed him terribly and I think she was almost glad when a stroke took her through the mist to be with him. My grandparents married young and the union lasted for their lifetimes. Grandma passed on in her early 60s, and Grandpa never even looked at another woman before his death at 87.

I know that it was not all sunshine and laughter. They survived many conflicts and traumas together, partly because in their day, society demanded that marriage be 'till death do you part”, and partly because surmounting each obstacle made the union stronger and them more prepared to deal with the next. In their twilight years, they did not become bitter old people, they did not regret the way they had lived their lives. They lived honorably to the best of their ability and were content.

My only real regret is that this being my second marriage, we will not likely be able to celebrate our fiftieth together, rocking on the front porch in companionable silence.


Alexys Fairfield said...

Congratulations Zareba.
It is so wonderful to be with the same person for such a long time. You have a history together, a deep appreciation, a love that can withstand anything. That's really great. Continued blessings for the years ahead.

Sri said...

congrats there.. it is really a big thing!

jim said...

No matter how long, there is nothing better than long term companionship and love, this is the ultimate achievement, be it thru marriage, common law, kids or whatever, it is the ultimate of love.

I enjoy your writing, keep it up Zareba.

Don Iannone said...

beautifully said, z. commitment to what the day may bring. best we can hope for. hoping you are well.

Zareba said...

Thnk you all for your comments. I can wish for nothing more for anyone than to share one's Journey with a kindred soul, and I do wish it.