Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ode To Lost Innocence

A soul stands naked in the cold,
Innocence in tatters at his feet.
In times gone by, he was so bold,
Not knowing his future need.
Innocence stripped from his very soul,
The layers peeled without any heed.
Fleeting joys, memories grown old
Provide no warmth in his hour of need.
His youthful senses were dulled
“By my innocence” he said.
To feel the pleasures of the world
Was why he did what he did.
But now, in nakedness and dread,
He awaits the cold reality.
Innocence, once lost and dead
Can never again protection be.


jim said...

Yes, never again can it serve for that, and to be recaptured would take another lifetime working backwards perhaps.

Enjoyed it, Zareba, very innocent in spite of lifes' doings.

Zareba said...

Hi Jim. I have spent a lifetime trying to preserve as much innocence as I can, a real challenge in todays world.I have seen so many become jaded, self medicating and self destructive. It is not a path I ever want to walk, and if I can do anything to restore some faith in those who walk it, I will count my life well lived. ...Z