Sunday, February 21, 2010

Thinking Meditations

Thinking is a meditation when used like a sharp blade rather than a blunt baseball bat. One simply keeps bringing the mind GENTLY back to the issue at hand whenever it wanders, which it will constantly. One of the challenges of meditation is training the mind. Walking meditations are also possible.

There are some very excellent thought meditations. If one's mind is occupied with a train of thought, the body and the spirit can both take or give what they need. Three of my favorite thinking meditations are, first: the healing ritual and second, the who am I train of thought, and third, petitioning for assistance.

In the healing meditation, one lies on one's back, feet apart and hands either at one's side or lightly clasped over the abdomen. After taking a few deep steady breaths to relax, start at the toes, mentally massaging the area while picturing the healing energy coming in through the breath and the negative going out with the exhalation. Slowly work your way up the body from the toes on one foot to the leg. My preference is to work up to the knee on one leg then bring the other leg to the same spot. Continue up the body slowly until you reach the shoulders. Go to the fingers on one hand and repeat the process as you did with the feet and legs. Once back to the neck, slowly work up through the head and finish at your crown. Spend a few moments again relaxing before going about your daily business or to sleep for the night.

Each of us develops a pattern that works well for the individual. None are inherently right or wrong, just unique. I recommend performing this meditation lying down rather than sitting as most people who practice it will fall asleep in the beginning. Again, that is neither bad or good, it simply is the body taking what it needs and if it needs sleep, that is what it will take. You will also note that when you reach a part of the body that needs healing, it may well feel quite warm internally as well as to the touch. When that happens, just spend a little more time working on that area, directing the healing energy there.

Some spectacular results have been achieved with this meditation.

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