Sunday, February 21, 2010


Many years ago, I created a special place in my mind to be able to go when I needed to. We all need such a place and we need to go to it when our spirit needs healing and rest, or when we need to commune with the Creator to ask for wisdom.

Some want to create such a space but do not even begin to know how. I pictured a blank canvas in my mind and began adding elements as they arose and demanded to be added. Ultimately, I had created a clearing in an oaken forest with a stream burbling down one side with some very large rocks beside it. There is also a trail leading to a stone cottage with a thatched roof. The clearing is filled with bird songs, butterflies and other wildlife. I sit upon a flat rock and meditate, soaking in the sunlight and the peace that surrounds me there. When I am renewed, I rise and walk out of the clearing into my daily life.

If I simply need to run away for a wee while, I ascend to the attic of my mind, where I have created a dormer window and window seat that looks out over the fields and forests with a bubbling brook. There I curl up on the window seat and write a good book.

It is also possible for people to share their special place with others if they are close. If they build a sanctury together, they can both visit it, either at the same time or one at a time. It may take some time and effort to create your sanctuary, and even longer to create a place to share, but it is well worth the effort.

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Margie said...

How true that we all need to have a place of scantuary to go to when our spirit needs to be healed.

Thank you for sharing, Z.

Margie :)