Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Human Touch, Part Two (written in hospital)

After exploring the loss of so much touch with a number of nurses, I realized how important to my personal healing and well being. Since that two AM stroking of my temples, which stopped me from a panic attack, I have received such warm loving touch, hugs and even a shower, my physical and mental healing are now more rapid and I can look forward to going home in another three or four days.

Continuing discussions about the roll of touch, particularly in a hospital situation, has convinced me that it is not gone completely, but much rarer. The risks are such that one needs to exercise caution, but not stop totally.

Because the greatest change is in the roll of the nurses, they are most aware and most disturbed by this loss of so much healing power. Many are looking for other venues in which to exercise healing touch. Some ideas I have heard involve blending eastern and western practices including touch, perhaps a whole new approach to treating the whole patient in a non-invasive way, including vitamins, minerals, wholesome foods, massage, acupuncture and other techniques as they prove to be useful.

With the number of nurses who are aware of and practice therapeutic touch, I believe new answers will be found, but we must be both vigilant and encouraging in order to support these new/old answers.

I would like to thank all those who shared their ideas and feelings with me, making it possible for me to write this article.

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Margie said...

I hope you are back home!
Thank you Z for sharing your this!
I appreciated it!
I hope you are well!

Sending you healing thoughts!

Margie :)