Monday, December 11, 2006

More On Rivers

Rivers have always played a central part in my life. Even as a small child, when I was unhappy, I always sought out a riverbank, where I could sit and watch the flow carry my troubles away. The first poem I remember memorizing was "Why hurry little river? Why hurry to the sea?" Sadly, that is just about all I remember of it, but the feel of the flow has stayed with me a lifetime. We even purchased our home because we have a little river running along one side of the property. In the early mornings, in spring a mist hovers over the river and I can almost hear the Sidhe riding by just the other side of that wall. Pure magic to me.

The River

The river runs slowly
On it’s journey to the sea.
And the river remembers
About you and me.
I told it my secrets,
The good and the bad.
The river remembers
The glad and the sad.
When life is all over
The tale has been told,
The river remembers
The brave and the bold,
I told the river
My hopes and my dreams
And the river remembers
What I wanted to be.
When my life’s work is over
And memories fade,
You can still hear about me
In the riverside glade.


Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful poem...
The River...
I always have felt such peace whenever I am near any body of water, whether it be a river, the ocean or even a little babbling brook!
Thank you for this wonderful poem!


Hayden said...

I tried to get in an comment on this a couple of days ago, but beta blogger has been so annoying!

I love this... must live within easy reach of water. I grew up in Michigan, who prides itself as a "water wonderland" - never more than 15 minutes from a swimming hole.

Now I live within view of the SF bay, and go and walk along it's shores when I'm stressed.

But what I'd really love is to live along a river.

Zareba said...

I wish I could share my river with everyone. There is something so magically soothing about running water, I believe we have it in our blood and in our Souls.

Thanks for the wonderful comments.