Sunday, May 21, 2006

On Living and Dying and Living Again

Two weeks ago, I was again on the other side of the mirror, for the third time in as many months. When I was talking with my daughter and told her I was sick and tired of crossing back and forth through the mirror, she reminded me of a conversation we recently had about processes and events. I believe we are born (an event), then we live our lives (a process) until we die (an event). It is certainly possible to look at it in the opposite way, that dying is a process, but if we choose to see it that way, we spend our whole lives from birth in the process of dying instead of the glorious process of living.

The first time I crossed over to the other side, I was 21 years old, in hospital and very, very ill. During a particularly difficult surgery, I found myself watching the procedure from a corner of the operating theatre in a very detached manner. After some time, it dawned on me that I had obligations, including a daughter under 6 months old. I also realized that I had a choice as to whether to stay on the other side of the mirror or return here and live out the life I had planned before this birth. If I chose not to return, I would be both avoiding my responsibilities and setting myself up to have to learn the lessons meant for this life, in another down the road. Since that did not appeal to me, I decided to come back and finish what I had started. Once the decision was made, I found myself back in that pain wracked body, coming out of the aesthetic too soon.

Each time I have had the choice, I have ultimately chosen to return and complete the tasks set for this life. This most recent time, someone very close to me reached through the mirror and walked back with me every step of the way. You know who you are and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is one of the most selfless acts one can perform, to lend their strength to another.

Death is simply a rebirth on the other side, which ultimately leads to rebirth here once we have reviewed the life just lived and set the course for the next one. Nothing in my experience changes that belief. It would also seem that I still have some unfinished business here in this life. Perhaps it is to share what I know, what I have learned, what I believe and what I suspect.

When we rediscover a truth, the feeling inside is so strong that it leaves no doubt in one's mind, even if there is no obvious proof to offer. For this reason, if for no other, we must look, listen, read, explore, search, think, whatever we can do to open ourselves to new experiences, new ideas, new thoughts. All truth is within us, just waiting to be rediscovered. We simply need the tools to be able to remember and recognize it.

We each have our own path to follow, our own truths to rediscover, our own Journey and no one can do it for us. We can help each other by holding a mirror and a light, a mirror so others may see their truths reflected in it and a light to illuminate the path at our feet so me may not stumble on small unseen obstacles.

The greatest obstacle is fear. Even though there is nothing to fear, we have been taught to treat the unknown with fear and suspicion. Often, fear of unknown feelings or feelings of not being in control even prevent us from even learning the basic techniques of meditation. In meditation, we stop deliberately generating thought processes or listening to them. This frees the mind, but causes such trepidation in many people that they are unable to allow it to happen. I wish I had a magic bullet that would remove all ungrounded fears, particularly where meditation is concerned. It is the single most useful tool in finding and following our own individual path, finding our center, that calm in the eye of the storm that allows us to reconnect with our spiritual selves and relearn our truths.


jim said...

You need the calmness of mind, the washing away of the fear, so meditate, even informally, every chance you get, in any and all situations, don't fear.

This post is the reason for my long comment about the Soul, the soul of the human, and all the friendships within one body, that I put under the Poem, War Chant, Post below. This post is extraordinary, showing appreciation of the reality that is and the purpose and goals of Life itself as we know it. You even talk of the future that can be had in Life, and so I am enlightened by your wisdom and your words of Love of Life. Thanks, I will be back to see you and talk some more. See my blog post on the Soul story, at my Thanks Friends, I Got It, Love, blog. Your visits are always appreciated, even if you are busy, I will be back to see you. Thanks Zareba, Thanks for your Light.

Rauf said...

Hope you are doing well Zareba.
I read your posts with relish and get richer and richer with every post.

Darlene said...

"We each have our own path to follow, our own truths to rediscover, our own Journey, and no one can do it for us." So true, and knowing that can be another reason for fear--fear of what we might encounter, fear of not making the right decisions, even fear in our daily existence. All we can do is try our best at whatever we strive to do, because being afraid of what "could" happen only makes it harder to get positive results.

Zareba, hang in there, you hear? My prayers for you are still going full force! And remember your words of wisdom to me--don't overdo it and push yourself too much until your physical body has had a chance to recover!

jim said...

good advice from Darlene, relax, take your time, don't push too hard.

See you in a few days, keep the faith and be within.

jim said...

I am here looking for some new words Z, hope you are well, maybe soon? My best to you, G-d Bless you, I will check back. Keep the faith within you.

goatman said...

I applaud your courage, proceed with hope.
Peace, GM

Darius said...

I agree with so much of what you say - for example, "the greatest obstacle is fear."

And probably the best picture of reality is that it's all process. Mountains rise and fall. Our lives are too short to perceive the dynamism of everything.

The one thing I see as static: people's religious/philosophical/metaphysical/ belief systems, from which nothing can dissuade them and which they hold as ultimate truth.

I honestly find alternative belief systems no more compelling than traditional ones - for example, "Death is simply a rebirth on the other side." I can't see how anyone could know this, or even cite evidence beyond personal anecdotes, which - however powerful and truly life-changing the experiences - by no means require others to view the person's interpretation of their experiences as correct, particularly when there are more plausible interpretations.

Zareba said...

Thanks for visiting and for your comments, Darius.

It has been my experience that a large number of people's belief systems are not static, but rather in flux as they search for their own proper path, their own personal Journey. They are in fact, searching for the Ultimate Truth.

I do not require others to view my interpretation of experiences as correct, I simply want others to think, and it would seem that this article did just that. Nor do I
suggest that I have the answers for anyone else. In fact I said in this article "We each have our own path to follow, our own truths to rediscover, our own Journey and no one can do it for us. We can help each other by holding a mirror and a light, a mirror so others may see their truths reflected in it and a light to illuminate the path at our feet so me may not stumble on small unseen obstacles."

My purpose is to urge people to find their own questions then seek inside themselves for their own answers. As far as proof is concerned, we only have "personal anecdotes". There is a real lack of concrete evidence of much that is in the spiritual realm.

I do appreciate your comments as it makes me think...and that is how we learn.


Zareba said...

Thanks for your comments and your well wishes and prayers, Jim. I find meditation one of the best medicines, and as far as fear is concerned, I left it behind long ago.I am on a mission to heal and get back here. I miss the blogasphere and the www and will be back as soon as I reasonably can. I will not rush things as I don't want to go through the past two months again.

I have been reading your blog and enjoying it as well. I always enjoy what makes me think.


Zareba said...

Thank you Rauf, for your kind words. I am pleased that my writings are of interest.


Zareba said...

and Darlene, are you still burning the candle at both ends? If so, I will send you a graphic description of what I have just been through and why you need to slow down, my friend.


Zareba said...

Thank you Goatman for your words of encouragement. I have been so very overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support I have received through this ordeal. Hope is a very powerful thing, and can bring us through so many terrible times. I will not lose it.


jim said...

hi zareba, good to hear from you, and i know you are right, don't rush it, that will push you, as it does us all, backwards. it is surprising how much this blogging and writing can take from a person, in time, in energy, in emotion even. Seems like nothing, but added up it is work and a lot of that. Go slow, don't overdo it. Thanks for your kind words.

Dancing Mist said...


Because at this lifetime we have the burden of feels like we begin and end.

Reality is that we are continous, we exist before now and forever aftewards.

Going from here to there has many names gates portals the veil...but really it is just a little mist of white, swish it away and your thru, home again still.

Each time we choose the way to go, it is part of the lesson experience we come here to gather. There are many exit points, as you have told us, but you have come back to us again and again.

You carry your light always to enlighten others around you, and your soul light is always there, as well as the light of the Creator.

No matter what happens your light will still shine and we can still connect with it thru the Creator's light.

Walk with serenity, courage, wisdom, and comfort till you find your peace in the light.

Love you

Zareba said...

My Dearest Dancing Mist. Your words bring joy to my heart. They show me that we are in agreement on so many planes.Thank you for your message here. ...Z