Thursday, May 18, 2006

Begin Again

It seems that I wrote my own War Chant a number of years ago.
A dear friend sent it back to me from my book.

Begin Again

Begin again, said the inner voice.
Just as the seasons change,
And life begins anew each spring.
Put the endings of autumn behind you,
Take the rest that winter affords,
And burst forth anew in spring,
More glorious still with each new day.
Wear your scars proudly as a badge
Of growth and wisdom, earned honestly.
Stand fast, as the tree stands fast.
Bend with the willow, accept your fate.
Provide shelter to the passers by.
Keep your roots in the earth,
And your head in the sky.
Count the new beginnings on the rings
Of growth within your soul.
Trust the Force that gives you life,
To sustain you in your hour of need,
And aim to be the best damned tree
That the Force and fate will let you be.


Shamari said...


It's good to see you posting again. Hopefully it means that your spirit as well as your body are mending.

You are at the forefront of my mind, often and I know I have things to discuss with you.

I've discovered I reveal much of me in writing, and I find that unsettling, to some degree.

Be better with each sunrise.


Zareba said...

It is alright to email me at
I will answer, but it may take a bit of time as I am still taking lots of little rests and not at the computer for long at a time, but i am healing.

Thank you for your visit and your comments.

As for revealing yourself in your writings, it can not be any other way. Those of us who must write, do it from passion, from the soul. Otherwise the writings are without life or spirit.


jim said...

Hello Z, Great to see you about. Thanks for your visit, I am so pleased to hear from you.

I do not seek to convince and changes others, simply, I want to tell you of a 'friendship' that has dawned on me over the past weeks, after many many years of wandering.

A human being has a human soul. I am that soul of me, and I as that soul have things to right about myself, I live to do that, in a community of 'human souls'.

But it is tough going, much confusion, much tribulation, I need help. A greater Soul joins to me, my Friend, and lives with me in my body. Two now, Soul and soul, to be joined permanently some day. At present the Soul takes the soul in hand, strengthens and even heals to soul's body, that the work of the Life might get done. If more healing is needed, more help required, the Soul recieves help from the Greatest Soul, and the new help is given to my soul in my body. It is all for me, my soul, that I might rise to union forever with the Soul and the Greater Soul.

I hope that is not too confusing, it is a story of 'internal friendship', it is real and we live it every day, in various ways, you seem to have been very busy in it. On my blog,, there will be a post about Soul and the trials of humans and our souls, and the ultimate union that we all wait for to come in Life, not death. Please see that post and maybe some of the confusion will be gone about my comment here.

I enjoyed the poem, the War Chant. You indeed are a Poet, a good one. You are very right, too.

I have a few comments on the later posts here that I will make. Thanks Zareba, you are a living example of G-d and His Love, we love you.