Thursday, January 26, 2006


I’d like to be perfect,I try very hard.
But the weather affects me,
The news and the blues
Disturb my calm.
I don’t want to be angry,
I try very hard.
But your attitude bothers me,
Your reasons and views
Disturb my calm.
I don’t want to be frightened,
I try very hard,
But the world situation affects me,
Their bulletins and blurbs
Disturb my calm.
I’d like to be placid,
I try very hard.
But your whole way of being affects me,
Your humors and fears
Disturb my calm.
I’ll likely be perfect
When I’m dead and gone.
The big world out there won’t affect me,
All the laughter and tears
Won’t disturb my calm.
I’ll sit all alone
When I’m dead and gone,
Contemplating my naval,
And if I did wrong,
I’ll vow to do better.
Go ahead, disturb my calm.


Hayden said...

this seems to take quite the opposite stance from "ode to innocence"

Zareba said...

Hi Hayden: Thanks for your input. This was written just a bit tongue in cheek, knowing that perfection is not achievable in this imperfect world. Yet we strive for it constantly. ...z