Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Green Music

Let me never be unable to hear it.
Let my steps be guided by it’s sound.
Let my passing be in harmony with it.
Let my actions reveal its existence.
Let my voice echo it’s wisdom.
Let my soul reflect its beauty,
And let my very being be a note within it.


Darlene said...

For me, the last line would be: Because it is the only way I can find true, unadulterated, soothing and healing peace.

The "it" in these lines, for me, is the shimmer of the sun, the magnificence of roiling storm clouds, the flight of a bird, the tapestry of colorful autumn leaves--the "it" is nature.

Zareba said...

Hi Darlene: Thanks for visiting my blog. For me, the green music is also nature. We live on an old non-working farm, and I often call it 30 acres of valium.It keeps me grounded and centred...Z